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Dec 11 11:45 AM

Toy Ideas for Kids

Dec 11 11:45 AM
Dec 11 11:45 AM

Have you looked at the calendar lately? I’m not quite sure what happened to 2013, but apparently it’s almost over. And that means it’s time to shop, ladies! Shopping can bring about great anxiety or stress for some, but it is not always a bad thing. But, if it does overwhelm you, we’re here to help. Everything listed can be found on Amazon.com. And if it’s not, we have included the website where you can find it.

 We will start with the littlest ones. 

Toybuzz.org, in their latest article, Top Toys for Christmas, provides a pretty extensive list of some great gift ideas for the little ones. But, here are a few that you might especially enjoy!


Thinkfun’s Roll & Play is an editor’s choice rated, fun game that boosts the understanding of the basic concepts of learning, such as colors, counting, image and word recognition, and following instructions, while also helping develop gross motor skill at the same time.

BucklyBoo offers content based on the 3 main stages of cognitive learning and development from ages 15 months up to 4 years.

LeapFrog Poppin Play Piano is a toddler toy geared towards ages 12-36 months.

Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster brings a little Six Flags to your home! My own granddaughters had this and they had tons of fun!

Air Storm Z-Curve Bow, by Zing, has been raved about as the best toy bow & arrow. It shoots over 125 feet and has been said to make boys and girls alike, feel like real archers.

LittleBits are essentially tiny circuit boards with unique and simple functions. The snap and play magnets prevent the incorrect placement of the pieces. Deemed, “Legos for the iPad generation”, LittleBits are the perfect way to get children, today, excited about building things.

Loopdedoo is a new spinning loom that uses ordinary embroidery floss to create fab and funky friendship bracelets in just minutes.

AGPTEK Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Wristwatches are high quality walkie talkie watches. These lightweight, compact two-way communication devices can be used to stay connected with family and friends during indoor and outdoor activities.

The Skatecycle is what is being called the skateboard of the future. While it glides just like a skateboard on any flat surface or skate park floor, it looks like no skateboard you've ever seen.

Then, there is the Perpetualkid.com rainbow scratch art not set.  This one is sure to be a hit with those who have a niche for arts and crafts.

And for the fashionistas, Coach.com offers the trendy, Crossbody Legacy Swingpack in their signature, monogram fabric that looks super cute on girls of all ages.

And finally, the Air Hogs RC Helix is a high performance, easy-to-fly quad helicopter that performs insane backflips, barrel rolls, and 180 degree flips with the push of a button.


Sandei Struebing is new to the writing world but has over 20 years experience being a mom. She is inspired to write for other women, to share her experiences and offer insight into what she's learned raising four children. Her favorite place is the beach. She currently resides in Dallas, Texas with her children.


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