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Who are the most persecuted in the Middle East? You may not be so surprised to learn it is the women, especially those of the country of Iran. Women in the cities are often much more educated than the men, yet depression and suicide rates among them are some of the highest worldwide. The laws in the country exclude women from civil rights, and only women are punished for “adultery” by being half buried in the ground, then stoned to death. Addiction is a severe problem in Iran for women as well as men. Often entire families are users. But Jesus is reaching out to women in Iran!


Parinaz from Tehran, Her Story


“I am the daughter of a prostitute. My stepfather was a drug addict and dragged my Mother into addiction, also. Since he hated me, I stayed out of the house as much as possible, selling drugs, alcohol, and, eventually, myself.

I became a prostitute at 14. Finally, I turned myself in to the government for rehabilitation.


While living in the rehab center, frustrated and full of pain and anger, I knelt down and cried out to God to help me. That night, I had a dream. I saw a man in a long white garment. I cried, ‘Take me with you. I am afraid to go back home. I am alone. Nobody loves me.’ He said, ‘You are not alone for I am with you, and I love you!’


This was the first time anyone had shown me warmth and kindness, let alone true love. But I still had nowhere to go, so I went home.. When I returned my mother and stepfather accepted me back gracefully. They had both become Christians through Iran Alive’s TV program while I was away. They were drug-free, and the changes in their lives were tremendous. I instantly knew the man in my dream was Jesus. I knelt and gave my heart to Him.

I want to give my life for Jesus like He gave his life for me — like the Samaritan woman at the well who couldn’t wait to share His love with her world.”


The women in Iran are done with Islam: they realize it is the problem, not the solution. To reach the women at all levels of society we approach them on three levels. Our first connection with them is through the air waves.


The Air Force: We are reaching over the heads of the Mullahs and the government through satellite television with the gospel message and to teach them how to share their faith effectively.  Iran Alive already airs a weekly Church Service and offers everything from News to life transformation classes.


Covenant is our home church and Pastors Kathy and Amie are partnering with us through FLOURISH, to see women living in some of the darkest nations on earth come alive in Christ, and train them to lead their families and nations to Jesus. “Taravat” means to “Flourish Afresh”. Our goal is to discover, nurture and train 220 women leaders by the year 2020. TARAVAT is also developing multi-faceted Television programs tailored specifically to women.


The Ground Force: Also in 2017, TARAVAT will meet emerging women leaders outside Iran for spiritual freedom counsel, worship and prayer courses and leadership training. Some of these women will become our trainers of trainers, and will go back home to lead in their sphere of influence, such as the marketplace or education.


Why use the internet and TV and social media to reach the women in Iran? The situation is much different than in the U.S. Take a look at the statistics:


Population: Almost 77 Million

Muslims: 98%

Percentage of population under 35 years old: 70%

Number of Internet Users: 23 Million

Internet Usage: Ranked #1 in the Middle East

Drug addiction per capita in the World: #1

Bloggers & Blog Usage: 3rd in the World

Internet Access: 50% to 70% of Homes


Related Farsi-Speaking Nations: Afghanistan & Tajikistan, with many Farsi-speakers living inside of Turkey as well.

The Third Force: You!  Jesus is working among the women of Iran. Please join us in reaching out them? Consider praying for TARAVAT Ministry daily and the women like Parinaz, who are waiting for a drink of living water.


There are several options for contributing to this wonderful cause. You can donate by CLICKING HERE. Login to Secure Give and choose the dropdown: Women's Missions - Armed and Generous. 

And another beautiful way to give is to purchase a t-shirt or bracelet from ARMED AND GENEROUS on the Flourish Store.

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