MAY 16 & 17, 2019
Mar 20 6:28 PM


Mar 20 6:28 PM
Mar 20 6:28 PM

I am she...who stands firm in the face of adversity, shines in the midst of darkness, loves in the presence of hatred, invites in the circles of rejection, forgives in the company of resentment, builds in the collapse, rights in the wrongs, gives in the taking, lives in the dying, comforts in the crying…

I am she…who walks tall among the reeds of criticism, who treads with lighted feet above the jagged cliffs of misunderstanding, who glides across the waves of inconsistent affections and surfs above the empty foams of hollow promises.

I am she…who shuns the attention of many to captivate the heart of One, who tills relentlessly in the gardens of ingratitude, who sees the silver lining, digs for the gems in the mire, ploughs in the fields of an insatiable soil.

I am she…who dreams big and loves long, has waited and whined, been impatient and arrogant, gentle and gregarious  - an aficionado of the underdog, conductor of justice in the orchestrated mayhems of life, a real display of hormonal genius grappling, gasping, gorging…rising.

I am she…who full of purpose must move in spite of mishaps, rise in chaos, pursue in persecution, believe in the middle of doubt, be silent when words are many, rest when battle is raging, trust when there is no clearing – I am she who must go on, must go forward, must not be entangled and distracted, infringed by the minuscule and deterred by the immature.

I am she beckoned by the Voice of the One who has called me, who must with hastened feet relish in the encounters of His Divine whispers and frolic in the company of His majestic splendor.  Aha, I am she who cannot acquiesce to the trivialities, no rather go full speed ahead, spare no expense, withhold no effort, waste no time, ha ha I am she…I stand, I win, I laugh, I give, I love, I rejoice, I grow, I finish.

 I am she and SHE does NOT fret…

Judges 18:6 – "Go assured. God's looking out for you all the way."

MSG Translation

 Pastor Sara Conner is a gifted motivational speaker, who brings with her a cultural diversity and unique approach to scripture not commonly found.  With over 15 years in ministry, Sara is an intriguing Biblical expositor whose humorous, yet powerful delivery motivates her listeners to live sold out lives for God.  She is most noted for her candor, compassion, and encouragement. Sara serves with her husband, Pastor Eben Conner, at Word of Truth Family Church in Mansfield, Texas, where they reside with their two children- Heaven and Landon.


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