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Run for Your Life!!!
Dec 11 12:56 PM

Run for Your Life!!!

Dec 11 12:56 PM
Dec 11 12:56 PM

We’ve all heard and used this statement throughout our lives, “Run for your life!” usually as it relates to one’s need to quickly escape immediate danger of some sort.

Well, today I’m saying it to you with an entirely different spin.  While the bottom line is the same – save your life by running, the intention today is to encourage you to save your life by running TO something.

Since June of this year, I have been in a gradual training program in preparation to run a half marathon in December.  Gradual in my story is probably a bit of an understatement, as I have used the Couch to 5K app on my handy-dandy IPhone since the first three months.  I set the goal in June, fully convinced that even if I walked half of the December run, I would still set my intentions high because I wanted what the daily training would do for me personally.  I knew if I set the goal with some other gals, then I would fulfill it; and it in order to fulfill it, I would have to train.  My exercise choice prior to my new found running regimen was good, but it didn’t include vigorous or high impact aerobic activity.  So, I knew I had a long road ahead.

You see, as I write this today, I am in the middle of my training.  And each week, I get to overcome new obstacles – little victories along the way to the huge goal I am running for.  

My journey is now shared by my whole family. It has become part of all of our lives.  It has created new sharing moments between my kids and I.  My children and hubby are cheering me on and learning the value of taking care of our physical bodies. But, the greater lesson I hope that they are capturing is the power of pushing ourselves beyond our known limitations, and that anything worth doing takes daily, hard work.

This little note began in my mind with the intention to encourage the exercise of running and to emphasize the benefits of cardio and stress relief. But as it turns out, my hope is that you will be empowered to look for opportunities to run towards; challenges that afford you the chance to push yourself beyond what you think you are capable of.  So, while setting this goal may seem trivial to the marathoners, focus on the big picture and find things to run toward and really start living! Run for your life– see difficulties as challenges to find a part of you that has yet to be chartered – a new part of your life.  Maybe it’s a life you’ve only dreamed of.


Run for a life of discipline! Run for a life of adventure! Run for YOUR life!!

Andria is blessed to be the wife to Daniel and mom to Sallie, Daniel Izak, and Emma.  Currently she serves alongside her husband at Covenant Church Colleyville as the Directors of Family Life, as well as her role in the worship ministry there.  

She has been involved in ministry for most of her life.  In addition to serving at her local church, she has traveled with her family to several countries and within the United States to train and develop music departments.  This has cultivated a deep love for people all over the world and for seeing the gifts and purpose of others both activated and developed.  

She would describe herself as just your average girl who loves Jesus and is determined to make a difference for Him. 

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