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Feb 01 7:22 PM

Road Rage, Candy Wrappers and Gratefulness

Feb 01 7:22 PM
Feb 01 7:22 PM

Pet peeves; we’ve all got them.  Some of us have more than 1 or 2 or…

One of mine: people that don’t say thank you. 

Unfortunately, it seems to happen all of the time.  In fact, it has almost become an experiment for me.  I hold the door open for a total stranger at a store and I wait for something (anything!) that acknowledges my kind gesture.  

Then, there are the roads.  Nothing brings out the best in us like a little traffic. I oh-so graciously let someone in and they don't give me "the wave". 

I know that I shouldn't do things just for a thank you but it is nice to hear.

A lifestyle of gratitude can really impact the way we live.  It can change our perspective on just about everything.

If you know me, you know that I like things neat.  In fact, the term “neat-freak” may be coming to your mind right now.  Thankfully, my husband is neat too, but he is not a “neat-freak”.  So, every now and then, I find candy wrappers in the couch or multiple pairs of shoes left by the door for that impending shoe emergency. And we won't even talk about the toilet seat being left up...

Honestly, it used to all drive me crazy! I didn't understand why the wrappers had to be left on the couch instead of put in the trash can that is, literally, right there, or why the shoes couldn't just go back to their rightful home in the closet.

Then, God, as He so often does, made some adjustments to my perspective. He reminded me of how I had waited and prayed (and waited and prayed some more) to be married and how those prayers were answered (did I mention that I waited and prayed??). Those things that were annoyances, now more often serve as little reminders of one of the greatest blessings that God has ever given to me.  Yes, even the toilet seat reminds me that there is a man who lives in this house with me and I am glad for it. Let me set the record straight on this: I still like my house clean and I still have my MANY moments, but my husband doesn't have to run for cover as often.

Last year, several family members and a dear friend passed away.  As my cousin put it, it's great to remember that they lived a full life, but that doesn't alleviate the sense of daily loss that their loved ones are feeling. To a much, much lesser degree, when my husband travels for work, I am so aware of the fact that he is not here with me. It is on those days especially, that I wouldn't mind picking up a wrapper or two if it meant that he would be home.

My prayer is that God would help me to live my life in constant gratitude. The fact that I can hold the door open for someone means I have arms that are strong enough to do so. If I am on the road, it means that I have a car and a healthy enough mind to drive.

And even when the toilet seat is up, I remember; and then I put it down.

Thank you, God, for all of it.

(This post has been approved by the above mentioned husband, Lance Abraham.)

Anitha Abraham has been a member of Covenant Church since 1998.  She received her Bachelors of Science degree in nursing and currently works at UT Southwestern as a nurse supervisor.  She serves in various areas of ministry including leading a monthly women’s Bible study and serving alongside her husband, Lance, as leaders in Re-Engage.  Born and raised in Texas, she is a Cowboys and Mavericks fan, coffee enthusiast, and Mexican food consumer.  You can read more of her articles on her blog mythoughtsifyouwanttoreadthem.wordpress.com.

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