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Apr 29 8:30 AM

Miraculous Openings

Apr 29 8:30 AM
Apr 29 8:30 AM

On Monday night, March 25, 2013, I couldnt sleep. So, I turned on the television and grabbed the wireless headphones so I wouldnt wake my husband. It was shortly after midnight and I flipped the remote to PBS where a documentary called, Half The Sky, was playing. It was more than halfway over when I turned it on. Instead of putting me to sleep as I had planned, by the end, something had awakened in me. More than just my eyes were opened as tears streamed down my face and I contemplated the overwhelming nature of the message I had just encountered. And I knew that in the tangle of thoughts presented in the stories of that documentary, I saw the thread of my destiny intertwined. I laid in bed for a long while, held by the wordless knowing that my life would be connected to the global mission of restoring the lost value of being female.

The documentary covered atrocities against women and girls from Sierra Leone to Cambodia, Vietnam and China. And although I am aware of the devaluation of women all over the globe, these countries are by far the examples of societal collapse for the sins against womanhood. My first response to this documentary was the immediate desire to adopt a child in need. And although this is a temptation not easily assuaged I have landed on the adoption of all the daughters of the earth.

My heavy response to the images I saw on that night were not just the result of a powerful documentary. What I watched that night was just a reminder of a message that has looped through my life since I was eleven years old. I woke on a Sunday morning in 1985 with a jolt, having just seen my more mature self in a dream only moments before. In this dream, I was holding the hand of a beautiful daughter from a foreign land. She was dressed in purple and smiling up at me. From that point on in my life, I just always knew that I would adopt a daughter at some point in my life. This has been a topic of conversation in our household for many years. Each time the subject would arise, the looping message would become less pixelated and more defined.

On Monday night, March 25, I knew that a dream that had been in sleep mode had just been activated. The next day I told my husband as much as I could about my feelings the night before and then went on with the rest of the week, preparing for Easter weekend. On our way to the Good Friday night service I received a text out of the blue.

Here is the text I received at 3:50pm on March 29, 2013:

Amie, Im not sure if I have the right number and this is a shot in the dark. We are going to China to get our 3rd adopted child but also visiting the various orphanages we support and doing a filming journey. We were just talking feel that somehow you might be interested in the orphan journey we are on. We have funded over 130 surgeries for these orphans with serious conditions. Anyway the shot in the dark is... Would you care to join us? Yes, I know you have a thousand things going so Im expecting a definite no. However these spontaneous moments sometimes prove to be Theophanies. There is one beautiful seat left on this jet. Just so you know, we would treat you as royalty. So there you go. Love to everyone. XOXOXOXOXO

How do you think I felt when I read that text?

After I caught my breath, I handed the phone to my husband. I could never have read that aloud.

Before I considered all of the details I just soaked in the knowing that God and I have a good thing going. God is God. And He can do anything He wants to do. But even greater, is the fact that He includes us in His glorious plans by placing His purpose and passion in our heart through His promises and then He delights in fulfilling all He has promised and MORE! He just blows my mind. The perfect way in which He develops in the darkness and then He turns us inside out, putting His glory on display. It is just a phenomenal thing to behold: the EXTERNAL REALITY of what was moments before just an INTERNAL POSSIBILITY.

I know God to be faithful. I have seen Him take my private conversations with Him and multiply them as a harvest for many. I have seen Him do it over and over again. And each time, that miracle of spiritual birth astounds me! But in my recent conversations with Him, the promise of miraculous openings has been on repeat. Over and over I hear it, this is the season of miraculous openings. And my heart response is always, show me what You mean.

Well He has.

Although China was in my heart, it was not on my calendar. And yet God brought it from dream-seed to boarding pass before I could unfold planner.

I am on my first flight from Dallas to LA, then on to China. Four days from my Monday prayer on March 25, to the Friday text invitation was the fastest flourish I have seen so far. But I am so ready for more!

Miraculous openings is not a word for me alone. It is a promise for you. If it bears witness within, you will also reply, show me what You mean...

Rest assured.


In this moment, as you read these words, my prayer for you is to allow my story to testify that God is willing and able to bring the desires and dreams discussed with Him in the secret place, out into the world. He is eager to see your faith activated by the words of your mouth and the meditation of your heart. Do not fear making a petition or declaration known to a spiritual friend or partner. Whatever your dream and desire may be, use your conversation time with God to beg Him for the nations. Dont waste His time or yours asking for material things that will come anyway as a result of your life falling into the rhythm of His purpose. All the small securities will settle in around the big miracles He has for you. Connect to Him and you will flourish, baby, flourish!!!


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