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Terms and Conditions for Article Submission

For the purposes of the publication of all submitted articles on Flourish Online Magazine, I do:

  1. Warrant that I am the sole or senior writer of this article except for the portions shown to be quotations;
  2. Grant to Flourish Online Magazine and Covenant Church the nonexclusive right to publish the article in all languages for all countries in both print and electronic forms, social media, website and/or other related uses. It remains the Publishers discretion to use or not use the submitted article;
  3. Appoint the editors of Flourish Online Magazine as my agent in editing and everything pertaining to the publication of the article in print or online;
  4. Agree to read proof, if requested to do so, and otherwise cooperate to the end of the publication;
  5. Affirm that the article does not violate copyright or other proprietary rights, that it contains no material that is libelous or in any way unlawful, and is a representation of my salvation in Jesus Christ;
  6. Acknowledge and agree that my original works are provided without compensation or royalties, unless otherwise indicated in a separate agreement by Publisher. Flourish Online Magazine is not obligated to compensate me nor is there any expectation of payment in the future;
  7. Understand that, as a contributing writer of Flourish Online Magazine, I am representing Flourish and Covenant Church. I will seek to present a godly image in my personal life including my own social media accounts, and will not be polarizing in my public statements and actions.
  8. I retain the right to use the material in the article in any other writing of my own, whether online or in article or book form.