MAY 16 & 17, 2019
Sep 27 2:43 PM


Sep 27 2:43 PM
Sep 27 2:43 PM

Prayer for the week of Sept. 25-Oct 1

Lord Jesus, thank you for your teachings. We, as your children need and desire this perfect bread of life! Thank you for laying a firm foundation of truth that we can build on. Thank you for being the sower of good seed. Thank you for the rich soil that provides the nurturing environment that multiplies blessing in our lives!

In this place of strength, we speak to the enemy that wishes to devour us through divisive tactics, to choke out our growth by the shallowness of commitment that causes us to wither and die. We are planted firmly in a healthy house of the Lord and called to Flourish in your courts!!

We declare that the enemy will wither and die. He will be overcome by the growth of the kingdom of God. The enemy will be choked out of our lives because he is not welcome in our lives!! We believe and declare that God will arise and his enemies be scattered!! We will, as the church of the Living God, march forward with great faith in the Leader Christ Jesus. We believe in His word and grow deep as we follow Him as His disciples!! Amen!!

May we BOW (Band of Women) together!

Pastor Kathy Hayes

Please keep the following prayer requests lifted up this week:

  • A mother, June, needs complete healing from breast cancer.
  • A friend, Joe, needs complete healing from leukemia.
  • Prayers for the Chism family as they celebrate the life of John Kevin Chism who passed suddenly of a heart attack.
  • Our sister, Reine’, is asking for prayer for salvation of her sons Felipe', Isaac, Nathaniel, and Scott.
  • A friend, Rhoda, needs complete healing from a colon infection.
  • A young girl needs prayer from a head injury.
  • A mother, Fatina, needs complete healing from cancer and salvation to know Jesus as her savior.
  • A daughter Keisha needs prayer for salvation. Pray also for strength and wisdom for her and her father as they walk through this season with her mother Fatina.
  • Our sister, Anne, who is recently divorce needs a financial miracle and God’s grace and mercy as she navigates through this new season.


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