MAY 16 & 17, 2019
Jul 19 9:41 AM


Jul 19 9:41 AM
Jul 19 9:41 AM

The Lord He is God!! He is our very present help in the TIME OF NEED.  We are your children and you are our Father!!  You sit high and look low - your eyes watching over your word, ready to perform it!!

By the authority you have given us, we ask that you perform your word....our weapons are NOT carnal but are mighty through You to the pulling down and removal of strongholds!!!  We ask in particular that the stronghold called ANGER be brought down in the name of Jesus!!

You are the God of Love and Compassion!! We release and loose the spirit of love and compassion towards one another!!  We bind these lying spirits that produce hate among races and those who see difference instead of similarities.

Father, release the ability to SEE the things that unite us and blind us to the things that divide us! We pray for your healing balm to pour out over the world. Save us from ourselves and cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness! We desire Your salvation! When the righteous rule, the people are safe - Proverbs 29:2. Father, send us Godly leaders to rise up and lead with righteousness!

In Jesus name!

Today we humbly ask for the healing power of Jesus over all the sick. Raise them up by your power!!


May we BOW (Band of Women) together!

Pastor Kathy Hayes

Please keep the following prayer requests lifted up this week:

  • Continue to pray for little Virginia –she is fighting for her lungs to be clear and for her to be able to breath on her own
  • Continue to pray for Pastor Shanon’s sister, Kandis, who has been diagnosed with a rare heart condition. Pray for a complete restorative miracle for her heart.
  • Pray for Pastor Kathy’s great nephew, Elijah, who had a terrible bike accident which has cause kidney damaged. Pray for complete healing in his body.
  • Pray for Pastor Derozette Banks and the CIC team headed to Nicaragua. Pastor D has contracted a strange infection in her leg while in transit. Pray for her healing and safety for the team.
  • A son, Allan, needs prayer as his parents are approaching him about making a decision to enter a teen treatment center. Please pray for Allan and his family during this journey.
  • Pray for Miranda-at 27 weeks her water broke. Pray she can hold onto the baby at least another week.
  • A father collapsed at work and his heart has stopped. He is currently in an induced coma. Praying for complete healing.
  • A mother, Carol, has had a stroke and is also fighting leukemia. Pray for her as she takes chemo and that her body is completely healed.

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