MAY 16 & 17, 2019
Aug 09 9:26 PM


Aug 09 9:26 PM
Aug 09 9:26 PM

 COVBOW Prayer

Week of August 8-14

 Prayer for United States of America ... For Godly Leadership

Our most high God and Father of us all... Because you have created us and given us the earth as a gift, we want to thank you!! You have given us the authority over the earth and all the inhabitants. We are responsible to maintain peace and harmony through the help of your love and spirit.

There are strongholds that limit our nation. We call down the spirit and attitude of self-pride; leaders who think they know better than you. We break the power of willfulness and loose the desire to look to you and love your ways. We bind the blindness to what is holy and loose the ability to see the things that are holy. We ask you to release Godly people in their path that they will listen and hear the word of the Lord.

We bind the spirit of greed and deceitfulness of the IRS. We loose your compassion upon all of them to stop lying and cheating the people. We bind the spirit of personal power and the making of unholy covenants and deceitful alliances with other world leaders. We lose a spirit of unity over the whole earth! We bind the spirit of unfaithfulness to the people of the United States of America.

We loose hunger and open heavens for right standing with the one true and faithful God! We loose desire for a pure relationship with you - The Most High God!! By your spirit we loose Love, Joy and Peace over the White House. Lord,we ask you to put the leaders that you have called to lead us in the White House.

Father we ask you to rest your spirit upon the Pentagon. We thank you for the Department of Homeland and National Security. Help them to always be keen and aware of the enemy. Bring down every person that plots against our country and the people, in Jesus name! 

Father, we ask that you would hover over the Department of Education... Bind up the spirit of prideful intelligence. Cause them to all wake up and realize that you're the author of all knowledge.

We lift up the Department of Health and Human Services and the FDA .... Every ungodly spirit that makes agreements to destroy the health of humanity for their gain and purposes, we call them down and release the desire and calling to create wellness everywhere in Jesus name!!

Father, by your spirit and power, we lift up the office of the President of the United States of America... We lift up his or her family and all the powerful decision makers closest to them. Create in them a spirit of humility towards you. Cause them to fall on you and be broken for the sake of our country. We ask all of this in Jesus name, Amen!!

May we BOW together!

Pastor Kathy Hayes

Please keep the following prayer requests lifted up this week:

  • Our sister, Rhenechia, needs prayer for a full time job.
  • Our sister, Brenda, needs complete healing from high blood pressure and God’s favor on her job and in her finances.
  • A father in-law, Mike Randle, is missing. Please pray for his safety and that he will be found quickly.
  • A son, Zach, needs prayer against migraines and a spot that was found on his brain. We pray for complete healing in Jesus’name.
  • Our sister, Stephanie, needs a financial miracle and favor with her housing.
  • A son, Randy, needs prayer in making Godly decisions concerning his sexuality and a supernatural intervention by the Holy Spirit to confirm who he is in Christ. Please pray for the family’s restoration during this time.

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