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Dec 29 7:54 AM

Book Review: Crave, By Lysa Terkeurst

Dec 29 7:54 AM
Dec 29 7:54 AM

Made to Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food, by Lysa Terkeurst

When I picked up this book I thought it would be “another” take on weight loss success when Jesus is in the mix.  God has a funny sense of humor.  I was allowed to choose this book and I had just lost 17 pounds. I came in a little confident and thought I had this issue figured out.  My number on the scale had changed after all.  I had on skinny jeans.  I could read a book and be on the other side of needing answers...Boy, was I wrong!

Instead, I found a very real woman, Lysa, with food issues (apparently she has been living in a parallel universe with me) ready to get to the core of a life-long struggle with her weight and battle the heart issue behind it.  I apparently still had issues to address in my own life.   I simply was riding the roller coaster and happened to be on the downward slope.  The concept that food can be an idol was introduced and explained practically in a way I had never conceptualized it before.  Our need to crave something is God induced, but WHAT we are craving may not… ouch!

Thankfully, I found biblically inspired answers to stop the roller coaster ride with this book.  

Every other line addresses the secret and not so secret cries of a woman’s heart when food is an idol (the ride).  Lysa sheds light and revelation while she herself shares her weight loss story.  She explains that cravings are real and food is a huge symbol of our need to be fulfilled, fed, nurtured, and provided for.  Food is repeatedly used in the Bible as God’s way of provision (Manna for Israelites), as the ultimate temptation (Eve) and Jesus with Satan on the Mount, so no wonder food continues to be a battle for so many of us. 

The world and the images we live with in our society are also mentioned, not as a crutch or excuse, but certainly as a factor when measuring our worth against our bodies. 

Lysa’s words trickled from the pages with so much Truth that I often caught myself reading and re-reading the text highlighting it as reference, hoping to absorb and ingest its revelation. She uses scripture for both reference and emphasis, but not the prescribed diet for success, making her story practical and doable. 

Nothing is sugar coated or left too theologically crusted (if we stick with the food analogies), as she shares her own repeated failures, despite her own heaping dose of spiritual enlightenment.  I found I could relate over and over to the words on the page: “tying my happy to skinny jeans, food can never fulfill my soul, if no one sees you, the calories don’t count ...”  

The personal reflections section at the end of each chapter allows this book to become a girlfriend’s journey, opening the opportunity for discussion and accountability.  Chapter after chapter, I found answers, comfort in similar struggles, and empowered to take charge and make changes. The take-away for me was this:  My value is NOT connected to the number of pounds my body weighs on a scale (pg74).  Not the number, but the freedom of that statement.  

I highly recommend this book if you find yourself somewhere on a roller coaster ride with your weight.  The lie is that once you stop things, you are missing out on the thrill that the ride brings.  The truth is that victory is achieved and maintained with His Truth! Made to Crave, invites you to that place of Truth.  It’s a place of rest, and believe it or not, feasting on Him. 

This book is a Holiday read that will keep your waistline in order.

Jen Mango is a Senior Gold Ambassador currently with Plexus Worldwide. In addition to finding personal success with the products, Jen has built a large organization of like-minded entrepreneurs who are achieving and exceeding their personal health and financial goals. In a short period of time, she has become passionate about helping others see success in these areas. Jennifer Mango is also a licensed Speech Pathologist since 1997. After interning at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, Jen graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas Suma Cum Laude. She then pursued and received her Master’s in Speech Pathology from UTD graduating Suma Cum Laude. She has been practicing ever since, working specifically with children ages 0 to 6 years in the areas of speech and language disorders, motor speech issues, feeding disorders, and Autism spectrum disorders.


In addition to her work, Jen’s passion extends to her husband Phil, and three children: Reilly, Emma, and Halle, and she makes her home in Frisco, Texas. When she is not with her family, building her business, or working with children, Jen dons her alter ego as the “Dime Diva”. She enjoys blogging about “dishing the deals in DFW” and all things shopping. She has written for Boys Scouts of America, Collin County Kids, and Kaleidoscope Kids and has been written about in the Dallas Morning News. She also speaks on various topics for mom’s groups and schools.

If you are interested in learning more about Jen's business, check out her website at www.plexusslim.com/jenmango


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