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Dec 18 7:37 AM

Book Review: Becoming Myself, By Stasi Eldredge

Dec 18 7:37 AM
Dec 18 7:37 AM

When I picked up the green-covered, decorative book and read the title, I was immediately intrigued.  The title, Becoming Myself, was of course interesting; but it was the little caption underscoring the title which fully captured and piqued my attention- “embracing God’s dream for you.”  God, Himself, has dreams and desires in His heart of me?  God is a dreamer and His desires for you and me are that we walk in the incredible possibilities laid out for our lives.  I realized that I was in sync with the author’s sentiments right from the start and this was no longer a simple book review assignment but a drawing into more of the understanding of the calling of who I am and who God has shaped me to be…the very person God has dreamed me to become.  

These fourteen beautifully written chapters, rich with imagery and richer still with teaching insight and inspiring stories from Stasi’s life and journey, along with the examples of friends along the way, drew me not only into a deeper place in God, but deeper within myself.  You immediately identify with the author’s vulnerabilities shared through her hurts, failures, frustrations, joys, victories, and celebrations in her own becoming.  

Because I’m a little unconventional perhaps, and it seems I have become more so over the years, I started with chapter 3, The Landscape of Our Lives.  When I flipped to the page, it was as though by a Divine magnetic pointer; I had found my landing place (it was the section titled…the mystery about hormones…ah yes, I knew all too well this was for me since I’m bridging that perimenopause/menopause season).  There it was and I was quickly hooked by every illuminating word flowing from Stasi’s heart.  I did not want to put the book down.

Have you ever prayed for something and then God answers through a simple word from a friend or from the words floating off the page?  It is like connecting to a book, a teaching, or a person, and although your story is different, your life, message, and passion are the same.  God not only showed me that He had given me permission to be uniquely me, He reminded me and affirmed me- validating for me the unique vein in which I walk.  As we often do as women, we apologize for who we are.  Through her affirming words, Stasi reveals that we never have to apologize for who we are, what we like and what we want.  

In her book, Becoming Myself, Eldredge answers the hidden heart questions of:

Who we are…

What we like…

What we want…

As I paused to ponder and personally consider these heart queries, I realized that things that I like and am attracted to, and the things that I want out of life are measured in who I truly am becoming and it is freeing to take those risks to become that person.  All I have to do is accept and embrace (as Stasi declares in chapter 5) myself, my personality, my likes and dislikes.  It is and always has been God’s dream for me.  The dreams and desires that He has placed in my heart have been embedded there by design.  It is intended to awaken the sleeping dreamer within.  With wholehearted pursuit we can reach for and step into all the dreams God has for us.  He truly makes impossible dreams, possible.   Stasi confirmed and reaffirmed for me the beauty and grace in the woman I now AM and the woman I’m becoming.

This is just a brief excerpt of what you’ll discover in this book.  There is so, so much more.  Maybe you are in a hard place and you are not sure you like who you are today.  That’s okay.  Through Becoming Myself, Stasi asked the same question- “Does anyone ever really change?”  You may not think so right now, but you can and will change.  Stasi shares that in order to continue moving forward, we must sometimes look back (to places where we have been defeated, hurt, discouraged, or whatever you may have found challenging) to truly become the woman we all desire to be.

This book was exactly for me!  I believe it is also exactly for you.  It is about the journey we all take in becoming the women God has dreamt us to be!  It’s about changing; it’s about healing; it’s about growing; it’s about connecting, and what I’ve personally discovered along the way, it’s about risking (which means sometimes stepping forward in the face of fear to become more of who you’ve always desired and are designed to be).  It’s about flourishing in the beauty of God’s dream of YOU!

When you look back over the landscape of your life, do you want to say you’re glad of the woman you have become?  I know I do.  Let the journey of becoming begin!  Let the journey of flourishing continue!

Shuronda Scott is known as the Possibilities Coach™ and wherever she is planted, she flourishes.  As an author, speaker, and life coach, she combines over 25 years of corporate and ministry background experience in helping others recognize possibilities within and opportunities (without)™ for greater success personally and professionally.  In her recently released book, A Pocketful of Possibilities: Impossible Dreams, Made Possible, she shares how to remove the dream ashes that limit your potential and how to create your own roadmap of possibilities.  She is also a featured author in Dare to Be a Difference Maker, Volume 2.  Connect with her today at www.walkinginpossibility.com.


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