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Dec 11 9:08 AM

Book Review: A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet, By Sophie Hudson

Dec 11 9:08 AM
Dec 11 9:08 AM

This true-to-life story compilation is like taking a bite of a warm, soft–in-the-middle, molasses cookie. It tickles your senses, especially your funny bone. The warm southern charm soothes your soul and reminds you of the spiciness of life. Sophie Hudson is the blogger of BooMama.net. I came to the table as a newbie, not familiar with her writing, so I considered reading this book as our “first date”. I am a lover of true-life stories, such as those written by James Herriot or Garrison Keillor. I am always looking for the book that can touch my tender side and then turn around and have me laughing out loud. The title of the book alludes what is in store for you as you dive into her family’s stories.

Initially, the book started quietly and slow for me. The first chapter reveals that family and food are the heartbeat of her stories. So, since I also love family and food, I hung in there; and boy, am I glad that I did. Each subsequent chapter reveals more heart, humor, and even some heartache. So much so, that by chapter six when she describes living with her family as being like “waking up in a Tennessee Williams play,” I knew that I had found a new humorist to follow.

Hudson taps into the truth that our family, either the one that we are born with or the one that we choose to create, is the keeper of our stories. Our own family stories are the glue that hold us and give us identity. Her stories remind us that it is worth the time it takes to share life with family, and that we were created to be connected.

Go ahead - brew some tea, grab some cookies, and enjoy an afternoon with this book. It will leave you with a smile on your face and with a new appreciation of your family.

Book information: 225 pages; 18 chapters + introduction and recipes.



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