MAY 16 & 17, 2019
Nov 02 9:43 AM


Nov 02 9:43 AM
Nov 02 9:43 AM

BOW PRAYER 10/31-11/6/16

One of the Bible's most important instructions to God's children is to keep our hearts pure and undefiled. Mark chapter 7 tells how - Jesus spoke directly to this matter - it's not what is taken in that defiles us, but what comes out of us.

Father, in the name of Jesus, we ask for your divine help in this matter. We, as your children, desire to please you. We need to purge our hearts of evil thoughts and intentions. Lord, teach us to pray with purity. You said that, "the prayer of a righteous man avails much." We need our prayers to work for Your Kingdom’s sake. We want to overcome in every area of our lives. Things can change, that are like mountains of defiance that stand in our way, when we learn to believe and declare your Word. Jesus you said, "I can speak to the mountain be thou removed and cast into the sea. And it shall be done."

We declare that every ungodly voice that would speak into our ears, speaking lies from the pit of hell, would be sent back from the place they originated and never return. In Jesus name! We ask in Jesus’ name that we loose the voice of the living God to speak loudly in our ears. You said, "My sheep know my voice and another they will not follow."  We love you God and desire to follow after you with all our hearts Amen!!

May we BOW (Band of Women) together!

Pastor Kathy Hayes

Please keep the following prayer request lifted up this week:

  • Please continue to pray for 3 year old Laurel, who has been diagnosed with brain stem cancer. Pray for complete healing in Jesus name.
  • A mother. Dallas’, infant daughter has lost her eyesight in one eye and has been told by the Dr. she could loose the other eye if they don't do surgery within the next few weeks. Please pray for healing, peace and strong family unity during this time.
  • A friend, Carlton, needs continual prayer that his body does not reject his new kidney.
  • A mother, Lenell, just receive a new job and needs prayer for a car to transport her and her daughter. Pray for a financial blessing for her household.
  • Rachel and her fiance need  prayer for wisdom as they begin their premarital counseling so they can marry soon.
  • A 10 year old nephew, Jayel, needs complete healing from cancer.
  • Our sister, Rhenechia, needs full time employment. Please pray for favor for her as she searches for employment.
  • A son, Tyson, needs prayer for complete healing from a football injury.
  • A friend, Jennifer needs prayer. She is having heart surgery. Pray for complete healing in Jesus name.

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