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Oct 25 10:38 AM

BOW PRAYER October 23-29

Oct 25 10:38 AM
Oct 25 10:38 AM

Prayer for the week of October 23-29, 2017 

Father, in the name of Jesus – the name above all names – the name that every knee will bow and every tongue confess - I choose to humble myself under your mighty hand. I desire that you send the Holy Spirit to empower me and to help me take authority over the enemy of my soul.  Today, I receive the courage to make healthy choices for my life.

I thank you for my life. I thank you for the many gifts you have given to me to thrive.

According to Matthew 18:18, you gave us the power to bind the devil and loose Your spirit. Jesus, you said, "whatsoever I bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatsoever I loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven". You said, "I could speak to the mountain and be cast into the sea and it shall be done". I bind the voice of the enemy who speaks lies in my spirit. Satan, you are the Father of lies. You have tried to be my source, but you are not. Lord, I loose your voice because I will only live by the voice of my Father in heaven.  

Spirit of fear, you have no power over me. My purpose was established when I was born. My God knows my beginning and my ending. I bind you spirit of fear and I loose the spirit of power, love, and a sound mind!  Every day of my life is dedicated to being lived out fulfilling your will for my life. 

Spirit of death, I bind you and send you back to the place you originated. I take authority over the habits that were never meant to be in my life and I choose to let them go in the name of Jesus!! I loose abundant life over me and and inside of me. I loose the power of the Holy Spirit, with speaking in other tongues, and all other gifts in my life. For the rest of my life, I declare the life of the Most High God resides in me!! 

When I pray, Jesus has given me authority to ask whatever I need, in his name, and he will do it. I ask you Lord of all, to heal all who are sick, bind up the wounded and heartsick, raise up all those we love who are downtrodden and restore those that have financial needs. Let your light shine in the darkness to show who you are and make your salvation obvious to those who have been blind to your goodness. We love, honor and bless your holy name, Jesus. Amen!

May we BOW (Band of Women) together!

Pastor Kathy Hayes

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