MAY 16 & 17, 2019
Mar 29 5:19 PM

BOW PRAYER March 26-April 1

Mar 29 5:19 PM
Mar 29 5:19 PM

Prayer for the week of 3/26-4/1

“Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me has everlasting life. I am the bread of life.”
John 6:47-48 NKJV

Father, we thank you for sending Jesus to us. He has been our pathway to you!! We desire all that he has for us. We want the kingdom of heaven to become the kingdom of earth!! We declare that your will be done in this earth (my life) as it is in heaven.

We bind the voice of darkness to be silenced so that YOUR still small voice can be heard like a shout. Allow your truth to rise among us!!  We want YOU to rise..... like bread that feeds the hungry. You are our source! Then the enemy will scatter. He has operated like a mouse with a microphone. Let it be revealed how small, helpless and pitiful your enemy is. Expose him and show his underbelly!!

We shout praises to you oh Most High God!! YOU ARE THE BREAD OF LIFE! We worship you loud and clear!! "LET GOD ARISE!! LET GOD ARISE!! LET GOD ARISE in the earth and let the enemy scurry like mice. They are vulnerable... they are small.... they are pitiful in our eyes!
We declare this over our lives... over disease ... over hate..... over divorce.... over lack and loss.....over pain... over relationships....

May we BOW (Band of Women) together!

Pastor Kathy Hayes

Praise Report and Prayer request from our Ministry friend MeRa Koh:

Ladies, you need to hear the testimony of your prayers when I spoke recently at the Wisconsin Women’s Health Summit funded by Planned Parenthood.  First, my flight was one of the only ones that made it because of a big snow storm that moved in!  I had also just flown 20 hrs after filming for a month in Thailand’s jungle, and I didn’t have any jet lag!  I was ENERGIZED and ready to go!  Two ladies from our Thailand photography workshop were local and came to help me with the book table.  We sat down, and I quickly realized this was a conference of 300 women who are leaders in Wisconsin legislation, National Cancer Society, Planned Parenthood, etc. 

The state senator was saying how Pro Choice is more important than ever, and all the women started cheering.  In that moment, I felt so nervous…wondering if I was really supposed to be here to give the Closing Keynote.  I thought of all you praying, and I knew I wasn’t alone!  My Covenant sisters were with me in spirit!  I shared on building your dreams and gave my testimony at the end.  One of the women with me is not saved, and she said that when I started to talk about God, she was afraid to look around the room.  She wondered if I knew that I was in one of the most liberal capitals, speaking to an extremely liberal group of women.  But she said that she had to see how women were responding and there wasn’t a dry eye in the whole place. 

I spontaneously started speaking on how life is formed in the womb, and as women we know this better than anyone!  We know God can create something from nothing because of the miracle He does within our own wombs.  I didn’t even think about it being a Planned Parenthood audience!  When I told Brian, he said “You said THAT at a Planned Parenthood conference?!”  It was a God moment!  The women gave me a standing ovation, and many of them came to me in tears after.  One woman who has worked for Planned Parenthood for years said that her inside was bursting with light, she felt like she was BEAMING, and she couldn’t explain it.  But she knew my words had changed her.  There were so many women that shared these types of stories.  It was a powerful speaking engagement, and I can’t thank you enough for covering me in prayer to be outside of the church walls bringing His message of hope!

Will you ladies pray for our new Adventure Family show?  After two years of pitching over 100+ networks and brands (being so close to having it on TV), we felt God ask us start a YouTube channel and trust Him with it.  The web link is www.youtube.com/AdventureFamily.  At first, I thought I was hearing wrong because we almost had a major network deal three times!  But Brian and I know this is a God move, even if it doesn’t make sense now.  Every episode averages ten minutes, but it takes 20 hours to complete from pre-production to filming to editing to the final cut we post.  We’re investing both time and finances into this as an act of obedience.  Will you pray that God blows on it and families find it? Right now, some of the largest youtube channels with the most subscribers (we’re talking 6 million!) are by families.  But it’s interesting because these channels are all young, Mormon families.  Brian and I feel like God is calling us to impact family culture through this show and the vehicle of YouTube.  We’re praying for favor on all that we’re investing to make this happen…to be a godly, inspiring gateway for families. 

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