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Jan 11 10:39 AM

BOW PRAYER January 8-14

Jan 11 10:39 AM
Jan 11 10:39 AM

Prayer for the week of January 8 -14, 2017

Father, I thank you for the amazing opportunity you have given to me, as an individual, to be a part of "YOUR CHURCH".  You have blessed me with a group of wonderful believers.  Thank you for surrounding me with a family at Covenant Church to support one another and carry out the vision of effecting our city and country.

You have called us as a royal priesthood, a holy nation to proclaim and show forth Your praises. We have been obedient by supporting our church in serving our city.  We desire to bring about healing in our region and our nation. I understand that our society is divided and broken by many ancient prejudices and wrong concepts. I refuse to stand aside and do nothing!! We believe in the power of Your redemption. When our pastors ask us to serve in any way, I will respond. I will pay my tithe to my church because I believe you are here in this house.

By the authority of Your word and all You have invested in "THE CHURCH", I come to serve my family, my neighborhood, and my city in the Peace, Unity, and Love that transcends all spiritual conflict. Every principality and power that's been birthed in pride and prejudice must BOW their knee to the MOST HIGH GOD!! I humble myself by laying these sins on the altar. It's a must that we maintain a healthy CHURCH by serving our world. I believe the CHURCH is alive and well!

Father I thank you for my pastors and leaders. I ask you to bless them and their families. Protect and uplift them as needed. We will obey the commandment that Jesus, our leader, said to "GO" into all the world preaching the gospel which is the "good news" to the whole world. I will go forth to heal the sick and the broken hearted. I will set the captives free. I will feed the hungry and clothe the naked. I will give to the poor and pray for those who have needs.

Father, in the name of Jesus, we declare this word to multiply in us. I'm a part of your representation in our city. Please empower and open the spirit of understanding in my mind and heart. I realize real authority comes from You and that You will cloak me as I take this humble path.

In Jesus Name AMEN!!

May we BOW (Band of Women) together!

Pastor Kathy Hayes

Please keep the following prayer requests lifted up this week:

  • A friend, Tara, is recovering from an aneurysm. Pray for complete healing in Jesus name.
  • A father, Jim, is recovering from the flu and pneumonia. Pray for complete healing in Jesus name.
  • A son in-law, Daniel, is currently using drugs and has lost his job. Pray for a supernatural intervention and that he will see the need for the help his family is trying to get him.

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