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Mar 01 11:12 AM

BOW PRAYER February 28-March 4

Mar 01 11:12 AM
Mar 01 11:12 AM

 Prayer for the week of February 28 – March 4

Father, I thank you today that Your will for us to communicate with you is to be "whole and holy". I thank you for Your divine and pure direction in my thoughts that will shape my prayer. Because I know you care more about me than I can possibly imagine, I choose to trust you to teach me "how" to pray.

My greatest hope and desire is to please you and for my communication with you to be effective. You know my frame. You know my make up. You know the number of hairs on my head and you know my DNA. So as David prayed, I will pray; Lord, create in me a clean heart, renew a right spirit within me. Restore my hope that all will be at peace again and I will ride on the wind of your spirit.

I pray that as I look to you as my complete source I will receive Your divine download of all that I need. I look to you, Jehovah, because your name means; "He's all I need when I need all that I need". You have my best interest at heart every day, every hour and every second of every minute. I know when You are for me "WHO CAN BE AGAINST ME"? (But me).... so I look unto the hills which comes my help.... "My help comes from the Lord".

All those we love and hold dear we ask you to heal them, restore them, set them in a place of blessing. In Jesus' name, AMEN!

May we BOW (Band of Women) together!

Pastor Kathy Hayes

Please keep the following prayer requests lifted up this week:

  • A sister, Debra, needs prayer for complete healing from cancer.
  • A father, Scott, needs prayer for his personal relationship with Christ.
  • A friend, Craig, needs complete healing from a recent stroke.
  • A son, Tino, needs prayer as he focuses in school.Pray for wisdom for his parents, teachers and counselors as they help him progress through school this year.
  • A son, Dylan, needs strength, guidance and wisdom as he navigates through his current situation of being homeless. Pray that the Lord will provide resources to help him flourish and become the man of God he is destined to be.

Praise Report from MeRa: (edited for length)

Have I got a SERIOUS PRAISE REPORT FOR YOU!!! We moved here from Seattle because we wanted to be covered and part of a community that understood our vision and lifted us up. Well ladies, I can’t even begin to tell you how POWERFUL your prayers were last week! It was the most powerful keynote I’ve ever given! The front row was filled with Sony executives. Brian said they were all in tears at several points of the talk.

When it was over, I heard endless stories for over an hour. Here’s the wild part!.... Sony wanted me to come back to the tradeshow area and speak two more times at their booth to help draw a crowd. Every time I came off stage, I had adult men in their 60’s weeping as they shared their stories. One man said he was 65 years old, and he needed to talk to me. He tried to look at me and couldn’t. He repeated “What’s on you? Why can’t I even look at you?” He said “I’m going to look the opposite way but I have to tell you how your talk changed my life. I was horrible to my daughter like your dad was to you. I’m going to make it right. I’m going to ask her to forgive me. And I’m going to ask God to show me how to love her like a father should. I’m going to write my wife a letter and change everything.” And then he just fell apart, weeping uncontrollably. And we’re in the middle of the Sony booth! And I turned around to see Brian smiling wide and the Sony executive’s mouth hanging open in shock.

This happened time after time. The most powerful part is that Sony executives saw it all and blessed it. They never asked me to stop. They never questioned me after. In fact, they took me out for a nice birthday dinner to celebrate! I talked more about God in my keynote than I ever have, and Sony wants to put the keynote on their website so everyone can see it! They said it was the most inspirational Ted talk they could’ve ever heard! They want as many people to hear it as possible, and I’m talking about God’s power to restore and redeem in it! 

Thank you ladies for ALL your prayers!!! Love you ALL!!! And I appreciate your covering of prayers more than words can express. Thank you for covering us! 

Much warmth!

Me Ra

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