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Apr 11 8:23 PM


Apr 11 8:23 PM
Apr 11 8:23 PM

Prayer for the Week of April 9 - 15, 2017

This is the day that the Lord has made! I will rejoice and be glad in it!!

Father, I thank you for this amazing day!! You have chosen me to live and breathe and have my being during this, "Your Most Holy Week". I worship YOU because you are who you say you are!! You're the Most High God that I love and serve.

Thank you Lord for being who you are! Thank you for giving me life and purpose. Thank you for fulfilling my desire. Thank you for making my body whole. Thank you for the power and strength you give me to walk out your will in my life. Thank you Lord for being alive and well in your church in the earth. Thank you for the access I have to you and that you hear and answer my prayer.

I Love you, God!! You are my redeemer and you live forevermore.

Lift up your heads, oh you gates (the authority of the earth) for The King of Glory shall come in. Lift up your everlasting doors because The King of Glory shall come in!!

Father, I thank you because of this powerful entrance into earth you've made so your authority will be established. Bless your Holy Name!! I will wave my palms and sing Hosanna to you sweet Lord Jesus!! The earth is the Lord’s and all of its inhabitants. AMEN!

May we BOW (Band of Women) together!

Pastor Kathy Hayes

Please keep the following prayer request lifted up this week:

  • A son, Felipe', needs prayer for salvation and a closer relationship with God.

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