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Beautiful One
Dec 19 7:47 AM

Beautiful One

Dec 19 7:47 AM
Dec 19 7:47 AM

I was thinking the other day about how we as women, tend to look at ourselves through a critical eye that magnifies. Wouldn’t you agree? Others may say how wonderful we look or how smart or talented we are, but it seems to be our job to focus in with that critical eye to prove them wrong.  The tiniest flaws are just glaring back at us from every mirror we view. There are those physical flaws (nose too big, eyes too small, hips too wide, lips to thin, etc.), Intellectual flaws, emotional flaws, and on and on; you name it, we’ll find it. Of course, society’s standards of beauty don’t make it any easier on us.  They have led us to believe that if you are not a certain weight, height, or bone-structure then there’s something wrong with you. The funny thing is that most of us don’t fit into society’s norms anyway. 

My point is that regardless of our little imperfections, real or imagined, we are all so special in God’s eyes. He put a lot of thought and planning into the creation of His daughters. We were crafted with great love and care. The challenge is to recognize that fact and do our best to display His workmanship to the best of our ability.  He has instilled wonderful gifts and talents into each of us. 

Women are generally the nurturers and caregivers of society. Of course there are always exceptions, but usually as mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends, we tend to give ourselves away to everyone else’s need to be valued and appreciated.   While that is a wonderful thing to do, we should not lose ourselves in the process.  Sometimes, it’s easier said than done, I know.  That’s why this message is for my sisters- in- Christ.  Start today to recognize your worth.    

From this day forward, if someone compliments you, just say, “Thank you” (with a smile, of course).  Don’t stand there listing all of the things that make their statement false. If you have pretty eyes, a beautiful smile, skin, hair, dress, or whatever, and others say so, just thank them and thank God for the gift.  He is the Provider, so all glory goes to Him. 

God put this poem on my heart a few years ago. It serves as a reminder for you and me.  Read it and then close your eyes and imagine Him having this conversation with you.

Beautiful One

My daughter, my precious and Beautiful One,

How special you are to my heart.

In love you were fashioned with intricate care.

From the start, I have set you apart.

With a Master’s touch, and the Artist’s eye

Not one thing was left undone.

You child are my greatest creation,

My cherished and Beautiful One.

I’ve given you hands that bring comfort,

And eyes that can see to the soul.

To your smile I have added a special warmth

That can comfort the young and the old.

I instilled an inner knowing in you

To assist you with those in your care.

A voice that calms and a heart that loves

With an inner strength that’s rare.

I know you’ve made mistakes in life.

My heart breaks when these things I see.

But, with open arms I wait for you.

Just repent, and return to me.

You child were created with purpose.

 I have great plans for your life.

And yes, troubles may sometimes come,

But, fear not in times of strife.

If you follow, I’ll lead the way for you

Until time for this life is done.

But, always know how special you are.

You’re my precious and Beautiful One!

Copyright © Felecia Okpagu 2008

Felecia is a freelance writer and a poet specializing in customized poetry for all occasions.  She is the author of two EBooks of poetry entitled Through My Eyes and Just Sitting Here Thinking.  Felecia holds and Bachelor’s Degree in Business from DeVry University, and has worked in Corporate America for the past 20 years.  She has been a member of Covenant Church for the 10 years and serves as a Greeter and as Leader of “The Write Direction” Small Group Ministry.

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