MAY 16 & 17, 2019
Aug 30 11:35 PM

A Special Invitation

Aug 30 11:35 PM
Aug 30 11:35 PM

I adore the changing of seasons! My favorite season of all is Autumn. September is a sort-of segue month to look forward to the promise of the beautiful coming days of fall; Days where bright skies and patio lunches unfold into shopping for spicy candles, pumpkins and setting a pot of soup on the stove. It almost seems as if the crisp weather brings with it a sharper clarity for refocusing on personal goals. Maybe it’s the familiarity of going back to school, but when Fall rolls around, I am ready to lean in to learning and relationships. But before I can unwrap a scarf and grab a coffee with a friend, I lay out the precious few days left of this wonderful year. I look at my calendar with a critical eye of intentionality. I purpose how, when and where I want to spend my time. And then from those pictures of potential, I shape meaningful meetings, coffee shop conversations and dinner with friends before Friday night football. 

I am not sure why exactly, but the Autumn months feel so full of purpose. Like the stew on the stove, the last simmering moments bring everything together. In the coming days, all of the blessing and potential poured into our lives for this year melts into grateful possibility; and with that, a hunger to make every moment count. 

Just on the horizon, sits one, quite beautiful date on the calendar. Saturday, September 27. This day holds a brilliant opportunity to take a seat with friends, mentors and fellow seekers of sunlit paths. For one amazing day this Fall, women from all over the city are welcomed with hot coffee and warm conversation to lean in to living on purpose and with full intention, receive all God has designed for this moment in time. 

I'm so happy to have one of my closest friends, Me Ra Koh back with us! She will be full of stories and overflowing with inspiration after returning from the five month, round the world filming expedition, “Adventure Family”…the new show with her husband and children. Me Ra will be starting us off as the first speaker of the day. I so love how she weaves the medium of photography with the spiritual lessons of faith. 

In the mix of prizes, drawings, shopping and convo breaks we will enjoy one of our all-time favorite speakers, Sara Conner. The depth of teaching and truth she brings combined with cheek-cramping laughter make her the red skittle in the bag of preacher girls! I know that she is already anticipating our day together and it’s gonna be so good! 

The words “coffee” and “shopping” put together with friends Me Ra and Sara already sounds like an ideal Fall Saturday to me! But get your calculator out and add “Chick-fil-a”...now carry the one- and keep going cuz we have Nicole Binion leading worship too. I am starting to sound like an infomercial announcer. ;-/ But it ain’t braggin’ if it’s true. On top of all that, we have our stellar ladies leadership from every campus hosting the party. 

After a little lunchie on-site we will head back into the auditorium for a “Launch Party” where you will get all the news on exciting new Flourish events, initiatives and Bible Studies coming your way. I can’t wait to share all the fun details with you! 

Details always make a huge difference in the direction of our decisions. 

A great friend and leading lady shared the details of her conference with me earlier this year. Those details made a difference. It was in our conversation about powerful women speakers that I first heard the name, Christa Black Gifford

My friend spoke of Christa with such passion and loyalty that it set me firmly on her trail. I began searching, researching, hearing her sing, reading her book and listening to her minister and felt strongly that she had a voice for FLOURISH. I know that you will find her as I have, to be a bold messenger- unbroken by the miles and unburdened by the mountains. If there has ever been a messenger you need to meet, this is she. You can learn more about her here: www.christablack.com.  

Check out all of our speakers websites and recommend FLOURISH LITE to your friends!

Here are some details:

8am-10am Coffee and Shopping 

(Holiday Decor to Health and Beauty services. Come early for more choices, stay after for deals!) 

10am - 12:30 Morning Session 

12:30 - 1:15 Lunch On-site (Chick-fil-a lunch tickets for sale, day of.)

1:15 - 3pm Afternoon Session

3pm - 5pm Shopping 


The full day is Free but we need you to RSVP. It’s quick and easy! 



I can’t wait to FLOURISH with you this FALL! 

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