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A Quick Facelift!
Dec 27 7:36 AM

A Quick Facelift!

Dec 27 7:36 AM
Dec 27 7:36 AM


Every now and then I get an itch to spice up or revamp a room in my home. I refuse to start from scratch and completely redo everything because I just want to add a little kick to it. Well, there are 5 tricks that I have used for several years now to make an old room into a new one. These are 5 tips that will not require you to make expensive purchases or to hire high end interior decorators, but simple and practical things that you yourself can add to a room that can literally transform the space and, of course, satisfy that itch to redecorate.

1.) A pop of wall color: Accent walls

I don’t know what I would do without paint in my life, seriously, ha! One can of paint in a jazzy color on one wall and you are in business. Adding touches of color to your room by means of an accent wall allows for the addition of bold and vibrant flare, while not requiring you to go out and purchase outlandishly expensive pieces of furniture in wild colors that will not be in style in a few years. My motto as a designer is that walls really do talk. They truly "say" what that room is all about, and that message is up to you! Here is an example:

This is a photo from a living area in which the major color themes in the linen and furniture were pretty neutral- tan, black, white, and a little bit of red mixed in. I could not just leave the wall white, so I thought to myself, "What do I want this room to say?", and I came up with three words: Inviting, homey, and warm. Since I was already working with neutrals, I thought I would keep it in the same family, but do something out of the norm and against the “rules”. So, I got bold and paired brown and black. I used a fun, medium chocolate brown as the accent wall color and it changed the room completely. Everything on the wall became highlighted simply because of the striking color that it was contrasted against. One $30 can of paint created a new room!

2.) Fun Pillows

Maybe the honeymoon is over and the thrill is long gone between you and your sofa or love seat.....

The love that you once had for it is just, well, not there anymore....

But you can bring the fire back! Try pillows! Pillows are fun and inexpensive. There are countless designs, styles, colors, and sizes that you can find them in that can add that zest back to that old sofa or chair. I loathe sofa covers. Unless they are custom made to fit perfectly, then leave them on the shelf. There is nothing worse than seeing a sofa in a bad outfit or one that does not fit. Instead, I recommend just adding and/or removing pillows.

Here was a sofa before "pillow rehab". It was a beautiful, classic tan piece that needed a little life added to it. Take a look at what a few fun little plush puppies did for it!



Dare to add pillows with bold colors, prints, or, as I used here, some with quotes or words.

3.) Find a new way to display your photography

I don’t believe in traditional, boring frames just adhered to the wall or sitting on a side table. There are countless fun ways to display those family photos that can save space, add flare, and make them stand out even more. Here are a few tips within this tip that I, personally, fancy most:

Wall Shelves

Use wall shelves to display your photos. These are one of the trendiest and most inexpensive ways to utilize wall space well and to show off those kiddos' school pictures. I created this wall shelf by combining several short wall shelves from IKEA and making them into a long one.

I included mixed media on this shelf as well which breaks up the monotony of just plain photos. I included an oversized book and a hand painted cross along my wall mixed in with my photos. Although this photo was shot in black and white and it cannot be seen clear, the photos were printed in black and white and some in color to liven things up a bit as well.

Photo Collages

The first time that I completed a wall collage was for a commercial design project and I fell in love. Building a photo collage really allows for artistic expression and creativity, and can be as clean and classic or as bold and chic as you want them to be. From frame styles, to frame colors, to the wall positioning of the frames, photo collages can be personalized and can become your own personal work of art. Here are a few examples:

(Photo provided by www.projectphxhome.com)

(Photo provided by http://www.pinterest.com/fizzahraza/creative-ways-to-display-photos/)

4.) Get loose with the lighting

Have fun with your lighting! I am a little biased and believe that you should shop Ahava Design's lighting, but you can find funky new lamp shades to add just the right touch to that living space just about anywhere! Lamps and lighting are where you can go bold or super contemporary, without “retrofying” the entire room. Look for shades of different shapes and sizes and ones made from various materials. Try a fabric for your shade that is outside of the box. One of the most gorgeous new trends in lighting is the burlap look. Here are a few Ahava Designs in burlap.

Or, try something even more daring such as these contemporary top sellers shown, the chevron and grey skies prints, also by Ahava Designs.

5.) Unique and crafty accent pieces

The last trick is the most fun. Break up the known in that room with something unique and unfamiliar. Odd accent pieces can make for trendy additions to those boring or traditional spaces. I am a huge antique and thrift shopper, and I recommend taking a second look at some of those random vintage pieces you pass by. Here are a few that I have bought here and there from antique malls or trade days that have stamped my spaces with a special uniqueness.

An old vintage birdcage

An old book turned picture frame

An old ceiling tile turned wall chalkboard

A fun quote or saying as wall art

There are so many things that you can do to revive what you have quickly and without breaking the bank; but these 5 are great ones to begin with. Small changes can indeed make big differences in your space. Save money and feed the creative, decorative niche within you and DIY- Design it yourself!

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