MAY 16 & 17, 2019
Jan 24 8:41 AM

A Fresh Start To The New Year

Jan 24 8:41 AM
Jan 24 8:41 AM

Happy New Year

As we enter the new year, what you determine to leave behind is just as important as what you hope to achieve in the next twelve months.

New hope, new breakthroughs, new opportunities, and new promises, all await you in this new year. Yet, it’s so important not to let the new be infected with old carry overs from the past.

Leave the past where it belongs- in the past. Every new year is full of promise and hope; but to fill your life with hope means first to empty it of disappointments and discouragement. If you need to forgive someone, do it. If you need to let go of past hurts, let them go. If you need to let go of setbacks, do it. Whatever is an old weight, cut it off and let it go.

Every time we catch a flight, we have to adhere to the baggage limit that the airline sets. That limit means we can only take so much with us. In 2014, leave behind old baggage and be determined not to drag it into your future. Lose bitterness, unforgiveness, and disappointments. Don’t take that old baggage with you! Your life can’t soar to new heights if you’re weighed down.

I realize that’s not easy to do, but God can help. That’s why Jesus died and is alive. He wants to help you in every practical area of your life; He wants to help you forgive and move on.

So, get ready for a new year of hope, promise, victory, breakthrough, success, and favor.

May 2014, be your finest year yet!

Love Charl

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