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Jan 29 2:50 PM

21-Day Brain Detox

Jan 29 2:50 PM
Jan 29 2:50 PM


You control your brain; your brain does not control you! My 21-day Brain Detox™ as an online program can help you do this, and it only takes 7-10 minutes a day! I am so excited because it even has a mobile version so you can carry on detoxing from your phone or any mobile device as you go through your day! Over the years I have had so many people ask me for a day-to-day guide on how to use my Switch on your Brain 5-step technique® and the 21-day Brain Detox™.

After working with an amazing team, this is now a reality: you can learn how to use my 5-step Switch on your Brain technique® each day for twenty-one days to tear down those toxic strongholds and build healthy new thoughts. This is all about renewing your mind. It is my honor to be able to literally walk you through each of the twenty-one days, guiding you and coaching you toward a toxic-free mind. You can begin to work out a disciplined lifestyle of “bringing those thoughts into captivity” (2 Corinthians 10:5) and “renewing your mind” (Romans 12:2).

As you work through each day of the 21-day Brain Detox ™–and I tell you exactly what to do each day via text and videos–you will experience positive change in your life. This is because, moment by moment of every day, you are changing your brain with your thoughts in a positive or negative direction, depending on the choices that you make. Every time you think and choose, you cause structural change in your brain. Our thinking changes our brain! Your thoughts impact your spirit, soul, and body. So, as you think, you are literally doing your own “brain surgery!” You, as a neuroplastician, are able to change your own brain; with your thoughts you are actually redesigning the landscape of your brain. Using my 21-day Brain Detox™, you will adopt a guide on exactly how to do this in the best way possible.

The 21-day Brain Detox™ will change your life! I use it, so does my family, as well as thousands of people over the years in a therapy setting. Now, you can use it on your own mobile device or computer. I have taken my years of clinical experience and research and put this all into a convenient mobile version that takes only 7-10 minutes to do each day. Research has shown that just 7-10 minutes a day of healthy thinking results in positive improvements in your happiness, peace, health and intelligence. The 21-day Brain Detox™ is simple, practical, and easy to use, but detailed enough to help you work through what is happening in your mind and brain; and help you get free from those toxic thoughts and habits that have been chaining you to the past. You will become a Philippians 4:8 thinker- “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” And, you will learn how to have joy despite trouble (James 1:3). Research shows that 75-98% of current mental, physical, and behavioral issues come from our thought life. So, if we can control our thought life, we improve our mental, physical, and behavioral life; thus in turn meaning that if we can learn to control the direction of our mind, we can control the direction of our life!

In the 21-day Brain Detox™, you will learn:

• Exactly how to break down toxic thoughts and build healthy replacement thoughts

• How to control negative stress

• How to get those negative habits under control

• How to control your thoughts

• How to bring all thoughts into captivity

• That you are not a victim of your biology

• Get a handle on that worry

• Beat that anxiety

• Overcome that depression

• Freedom from chaotic thinking

• Increase your health

• Learn that you control your brain; your brain does not control you

Click the video link below and let me share a little more with you about why I am so excited about the 21-day Brain Detox ™:


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